Monday, September 24, 2012

Siesta Key Real Estate - The Allure Of Investing In One Of The Country's Best Travel Locations

Siesta Key is a district of the city of Sarasota, located along the Gulf Coast south of Tampa. It is part of Sarasota county; and is considered as one of the most livable, friendliest, well-maintained counties in all of Florida.
At present, there are approximately 24,000 residents living in this key, as some are permanent residents while others live on the island during the winter season. The Travel Channel recently named this area as the "Best sand Beach In America." Siesta Key was selected by a panel of prominent beach experts who reviewed different criteria such as cleanliness, sand quality and surrounding areas.

How The Lovely Beaches Make For An Added Incentive To Buying Real Estate Here

According to the manager of the Sarasota County Parks and Recreation department, "This beautiful, wide beach has something for beach lovers of all ages,".

The County Parks department also added that, " The key the greatest sand anywhere, leading to the clear blue water of the Gulf of Mexico, with shade trees and recreational areas nearby." This is not the first time that the beaches in Siesta Key have been ranked among the best. Last year, the Travel Channel also listed it as one of Florida's top 10 beaches.

In a recent readers poll by USA Today, more than 3,000 people across the continental US named Siesta Key as one of the top three U.S. beaches. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution also designated Siesta Beach as having "the whitest, finest beach sand in the world" out of more than 30 other locations worldwide. The Conde Nast Traveler Magazine also hailed the areas' sand as being "the best of the best" in 1999.

Real Estate Options Abound In Siesta Key

Many travel and real estate observers have noted that Sarasota and surrounding Gulf Coast areas in Florida are truly wonderful places to live and invest in. The area offers a wide array of homes for sale, from standard to upscale condominiums and lavish luxury estates.

In getting the best housing option, it would be advisable to acquire the services of a local property broker who can show you the best real estate choice that would be suited to your preferences and needs. From choosing a wide option of upscale condos, waterfront homes and estates, a knowledgeable property broker from the Sarasota area can guide you in selecting the right real estate investment option.

The Keys Are Going Green With New Environmental Standards For Hotels And Housing

A growing number of hotels, resorts, condos and other housing projects in this area have begun to implement greener standards, which are mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection's Green Lodging Certification. A significant number of resorts, hotels and condos in Siesta Key, have made major strides in following ethical business practices to conserve water, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency and air quality.

In order to receive consideration for getting a Florida Green Lodging Certification, hotels, lodges and resorts, as well as other property projects must complete and submit an application for admission, and also implement core activities.



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